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Andrew Hobday BA (Psych. & Phil.), MIntl&CommunityDev, MCommLaw

Andrew, a native of Melbourne, Australia, has held various leadership, transformation, practice, and initiative delivery roles.  Drawing from extensive experience, he unites, empowers, and equips people, teams, and organisations for accelerated success.

Andrew excels in steering digital, technology, and operational divisions through large, scaled agile transformations.  His pragmatic approach consolidates and uplifts complex, siloed ways of working while ensuring robust support for individuals.

Passionate about business agility, Andrew is a recognised thought leader in the field.  He has pioneered concepts that explore how human psychology influences agile leadership and business agility within large and complex organisations.


Andrew offers consulting and coaching services across a range of areas: 

  • Business agility | Ways of Working transformation

  • Enterprise and Leadership Coaching

  • Organisational and Capability Development

  • Operational effectiveness | Executional excellence

  • Enterprise and Business analysis

  • Employee engagement

Andrew Hobday

By bridging the realms of human psychology and business agility, Andrew engages audiences with relatable examples and stories.

He skilfully links human biases to a unique and practical framework for achieving business agility.  Andrew also shares real-life strategies for overcoming these biases, resonating with those seeking to push the boundaries of leadership and ways of working beyond the ordinary constraints of the human mind.

His knowledge-sharing extends to corporate events and conferences, where he eagerly learns from others and imparts his expertise.

He offers keynotes, speaker sessions, and workshops on topics including:

  • Business agility | Leadership

  • Agile ways of working (i.e. Agile delivery methodology)

  • Design Thinking | Human Centred Design (HCD)

  • Human Psychology | Human Biases

  • Business Analysis

  • Business Storytelling

When Andrew isn’t working, he enjoys time in Japan with his family.  Their visits include exploring cultural sites, spending time with relatives, and experiencing the rejuvenating effects of onsen (Japanese hot springs).

Andrew is a writer at heart.  Known for his creative stories, metaphors, and analogies, he carries these through from adult non-fiction into the realm of fiction for younger readers, writing across both middle grade (8 - 13y.o.) and children's categories.  With all his writing, he hopes it sparks curiosity and imagination.

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Andrew holds membership with the Australian Association of Psychologists Inc. (AAPi) and Australian Psychological Society (APS).

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