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Andrew presenting

Audience Acclaim: Feedback from keynotes, speaker engagements, and workshop sessions

It was a great presentation Andrew, informative and entertaining!

– Simon, audience member (Talent International, Keynote Breakfast, 2024)

Thanks Andrew, the feedback from your presentation was incredible and we all enjoyed it thoroughly. You entertained the group with your humour and struck just the right balance. Thank you!

– Joelle, event organiser (Talent International, Keynote Breakfast, 2024)

It was an insightful & interesting session. Your art of storytelling, the analogies & intonation made it very engaging.

– Rosalin, audience member (IAG, Keynote session, 2023)

Fantastic talk. A unique perspective.

– Conference attendee (Agile Australia 2021)

It was a pleasure to work with you.

– Loan, event organiser (Sit-Down, CMO Conference, 2021)

"The Business Agility session was my favorite of the day."

– Conference attendee (1st Conference, 2018)

Great presentation, heaps of takeaways. Thank you so much.

– Zahra, audience member (ahm, Keynote session, 2017)

Andrew was a really engaging presenter, and I got a lot out of this session

– Conference attendee (IIBA Pro Day, 2017)

Enjoyed Andrew's different approach ... Andrew provided tools and ideas which I will take and USE at work.

– Conference attendee (IIBA Pro Day, 2017)

"Practical tips to build our organisation's innovation culture. High value takeaways."

– Conference attendee (Building Business Capability (BBC) Las Vegas, 2016)

Reader Reviews: Feedback from readers

"Loved it! Can't wait to read the next one!"

– Middle Grade Reader (11y.o.) (Hidden Powers – The Stolen Ruby)

Loved the Raccoon and Pig characters. Nice to see they weren't gender stereotypes.

– Parent/guardian Reader (Raccoon and Pig and the donut truck)

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